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James Bannister

Managing Director

James is a co-founding member and Managing Director of ITERTECH, responsible for setting the direction and strategy for the company.


James modelled the culture and values of the company based on his vision of the ideal company. A company that is trusted by their clients and nurtures their staff. 

He believes that IT Technology should be a solid foundation which can be built upon effortlessly and scaled to meet a business's needs and growth.

Prior to founding ITERTECH, James spent over 20 years in the IT Industry from supporting cost-effective single-user solutions to building complex multi-tenant cloud deployments.


When James is not road-mapping the direction of the company you can find him at the gym, boxing or spending time with his wonderful family


Dan Stuart

Technical Director

Dan is a co-founding member of ITERTECH and Technical Director, in charge of research and development in emerging technologies and determining their feasibility for our clients.

He began supporting IT from the tender age of 14 for his family's businesses, before broadening his expertise working for MSPs.

With over 15 years experience in MSPs, Dan has left his mark on numerus businesses through service desk support, infrastructure and project deliveries.

Outside of technology, Dan has competed in national Mixed Martial Arts tournaments and won several international Brazilian Ju-Jitsu tournaments.


When he's not training he loves to work on his cars or research into the latest developments of bleeding-edge technology.

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