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The internet is now such a fundamental part of modern businesses and it's more important than ever to protect your data, devices and users from theft and attacks. We have the skills and experience to offer you peace of mind that your business is protected from cyber-crime and extortion.


Vulnerability Scanning

Our Vulnerability Scanning will protect your websites, web applications, networks and containers by identifying attack vectors both internally and externally. Once a vulnerability is detected we can then remediate the issue to secure your system against these attacks. Our service comes with an easy to understand report on a weekly or monthly basis allowing you to see where your most critical security issues are and remediate them.


Email Security

Protect your users from malicious attachments and spoofed emails with our email security systems. Malware sent to your users is detected and discarded before it reaches your user's inbox and impersonation emails are filtered to prevent data breaches and financial theft. Suspicious emails can be flagged with emphatic warnings so that your users are never caught off-guard.


Phishing Simulations

With our phishing simulations you don't have to wait until an incident to find out where your security is weakest. Our phishing simulations can identify which of your users are most at-risk of phishing attacks and provide tailored training to heighten awareness of those who need it.


Endpoint Protection

We offer the latest in endpoint security suites to protect your devices from theft, surveillance and viruses. To protect your company's data we can easily encrypt your remote devices and remotely wipe them if they are stolen leaving them useless to would-be data thieves.

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